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Emergency planning assistance for our Ashcreek and Crestwood neighbors

We need Block Captains!

We're looking to have a "Block Captain" for every 10-20 homes in our neighborhood--someone ready and willing to be the main point of contact for their nearby neighbors in the event of an emergency. Interested? Contact Bev Perttu.

Have some Cash for our Cache(s)?

We received a grant to build some 'caches' of emergency supplies to be distributed around the neighborhood...but we need cash to build more. Want to help? Visit our Donate page!

Welcome. Are you ready to get ready?

Here's the challenge: If a major emergency event happens in the city of Portland, such as an earthquake, volcano, pandemic, power grid failure, terrorist attack, storm, wildfire, etc., Portland city resources most likely won't be immediately available to help us in our local community.

As a neighborhood, we should plan to be on our own resources for potentially up to three weeks.

Given that reality, we encourage you to use this site to find out how to be prepared to help yourself, your family and your neighbors - and potentially get involved to help your entire community.

Visit our How to Prepare page to find out how to put together an emergency kit, register for Public Alerts, and more.

Visit our If An Emergency Happens... page to find out exactly what you should do and where you should go if an emergency event happens in our neighborhood.

Visit our Get Involved page to find out about our monthly meetings and to explore the many critical volunteer options available.

Still have questions? Contact your neighborhood captains, Dave Manville for the Ashcreek neighborhood or Chuck Quarterman for Crestwood neighborhood.

AshCrest NET Meetings

We meet the first Wednesday of each month, 7:00-8:30pm, at the United Methodist Church on the corner of SW 48th and Taylors Ferry Road. Our meetings are open to the public; everyone is welcome. We hope you will be able to attend.

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