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Emergency planning assistance for our Ashcreek and Crestwood neighbors

Here's what to do if a catastrophic emergency event occurs in our neighborhood which takes out normal telephone and InterNet communications:

  1. Grab your emergency kit, get to a safe place (or stay in place if you're ok), check your family, check your neighbors, secure food/water/shelter (need clear copy here). Tune your FM radio to KOPB 91.5FM for area-wide emergency broadcast information.
  2. If you have an emergency situation, reach out to your Block Captain for help.
  3. If you need help but can't reach your Block Captain and you have a two-way radio, such as an FRS/GMRS/walkie-talkie, tune into FRS channel 6 (462.6875 MHz). Ashcreek/Crestwood NET communicates on this channel in a catastrophic emergency. Find out more about radio communications here.
  4. If you need help but can't reach your Block Captain or anyone on the radio, please go to your closest Rally Point, where we will have trained help and some limited medical supplies. (NOTE that the Rally Points most likely won't have food and water). We have two designated rally points in our neighborhoods:
    • Front door of Smith Elementary School, 8935 SW 52nd Ave
    • Play structure at Dickinson Park, 55th and Alfred Court
  5. If you and your family/neighbors are secure and you're a NET, or someone who wants to help others in the community (especially those with emergency-related skills, such as doctors, nurses, construction/ handypersons, teachers, counselors, EMTs/Search and Rescuers, etc.) please deploy to the Rally Point closest to you.
  6. Within 24-48 hours of an emergency event, the city of Portland will be activating BEECN (Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Node) sites in all neighborhoods. BEECNs are places to go to ask for emergency assistance if phone service is down, or report severe damage or injury. They can help you find missing family members or friends, help with minor medical issues, and be a great source of information.
    • Our Ashcreek/Crestwood BEECN site is at West Portland United Methodist Church, 4729 SW Taylors Ferry Road
    • You can see all Portland BEECN sites here

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